Local Fiber Optic to Durango, Colorado High-Speed Internet Provider in
Durango, CO

FastTrack Communications is a locally operated internet provider that provides high-speed internet connections to all types of local businesses in Durango. Fiber optic internet is one of the best and most reliable forms of internet because of its fast transmission, security and reliability.

“FastTrack boosted our Internet bandwidth while saving us $1,625 every month—an 80% savings as compared to competitor’s pricing. Going with FastTrack was an easy choice.”

– General Manager, Morehart Murphy Auto Centers
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Fast, reliable internet connection

We understand that fast internet speed is necessary to manage your business operations, efficiently respond to customers and increase productivity. Fiber optic lines are 100x faster than the coaxial cables used for cable and DSL internet connections. FastTrack provides 99.99% reliability with its redundant fiber optic connections.


What about technical support?

We have an excellent technical support team that will attend to your internet needs, plus respond to your questions and concerns. FastTrack is locally owned and operated from our headquarters in Durango, Colorado.


Business at the speed of light

By providing a dependable internet connection, you’ll be able to reach your customers easily, carry out secure transactions, and provide excellent customer support to those who do business with you.


At FastTrack, we’re committed to providing the fastest internet so you never have to worry about a slow internet connection even during peak times. Our internet service remains consistent no matter the distance, number of users and weather conditions.


Competitively priced plans that deliver more

FastTrack Communications is one of the most reliable internet service providers in Durango. We’re fully committed to providing you faster internet speed at an affordable cost. Our fiber optic lines deliver a faster, more reliable connection than with cable, DSL, satellite and fixed wireless solutions that get their feeds from cellular towers. A bundled plan with voice services could save your business money over regular phone lines or PBX systems.


Worried about your data security?

With fiber optic internet, you can securely upload your compliance data, perform secure transactions and securely transport vital business data.


Is FastTrack for your business?

FastTrack serves all types of businesses in Durango, including those with multiple regional offices, corporate headquarters, retail shops and branches of national companies. FastTrack cares about your business needs.

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