Auto dealership saves hundreds monthly with FastTrack



FastTrack completed a fiber connection to two of three Morehart Murphy Auto Centers to meet their Internet bandwidth needs. When PRI service to the dealership’s main location came up for renewal, both the competitor and FastTrack provided estimates.


The competitor proposed renewing existing PRI services and sought to use individual T1s to replace FastTrack’s Internet bandwidth. Comparing numbers, Morehart Murphy Auto Centers moved all its voice, long distance and Internet services to FastTrack’s direct fiber connection. The dealership gained more Internet bandwidth while saving $1,625 monthly, an 80% savings over the competitor’s option. FastTrack also saves the dealership $130 every month in PRI services.   In 2012, FastTrack completed a direct fiber build to Morehart Murphy’s third location. Today, the dealership shares a direct fiber connection and a local area fiber network amongst all three of its locations.Highlights

  • Direct fiber connection
  • Internet bandwidth
  • PRI voice and long distance service
  • LAN network to three locations

“FastTrack boosted our Internet bandwidth while saving us $1,625 every month—an 80% savings as compared to competitor’s pricing. Going with FastTrack was an easy choice.”

– General Manager, Morehart Murphy Auto Centers