COVID-19 Pandemic Response

We recognize that families, businesses and the community services we all count on have been hit hard by Covid-19. As a local business created and headquartered in Durango, FastTrack is just as invested in the success of our region as you are. In March, FastTrack raised the broadband caps at no extra charge to our ISP partners, businesses and services critical to our community infrastructure as part of our community outreach program. This boosted connectivity is helping people work from home, enabling telemedicine, allowing students to learn remotely, giving businesses extra flexibility, and enhancing public communal workspaces for those who don’t have a robust connection at home or at traditional offices. We serve the communities of Durango, Bayfield, Montrose, Cortez, Mancos, Dolores, Ignacio, Grand Junction, Farmington, Aztec, Bloomfield and Albuquerque.

To help us all navigate the new challenges posed by COVID-19, FastTrack has:

• Provided full bandwidth capacity to ISP partners, healthcare entities, communal workspaces, municipalities, schools, first responders and others at no extra charge
• Suspended late fees
• Extended flexible payment arrangements
• Enabled touchless credit card payments
Pandemic Woman

We’re All Adjusting

Like many local businesses, our offices have been closed to the public since March. No FastTrack employees were let go or furloughed, and most are working from home. Those who must enter our headquarters are rotated to distance at 50% capacity. Masks and physical distancing are required. Throughout this pandemic, our 24x7x365 operations center has continued to field customer issues and assure seamless service.

Working Together To Get Through This Together

As we discover that the new normal will be, FastTrack is right there with you. We’re local, invested and flexible.
“Many thanks to FastTrack for quickly increasing DurangoSpace’s bandwidth at no additional charge when the affects of the pandemic became evident. With our membership, need for technology support and demand for bandwidth all climbing, this new capacity assures our clients and their customers that DurangoSpace can fully support them moving forward. FastTrack has been a key partner in our success since our start in 2011. ”
- Jasper Welch, DurangoSpace, coworking cooperative