Fiber Internet Provider


Fiber Internet Provider

Fiber internet is one of the most reliable types of internet available today.

FastTrack is the premier facilities-based competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) in Colorado and New Mexico, FastTrack has invested millions in building a technologically advanced fiber optic network for our region powering community lifelines, such as emergency services, hospitals and schools to banks, retail shops and large and small businesses.

Keep reading to discover how to choose the right fiber internet provider for doing business.

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A High-Quality Fiber Optic Provider

A strong, reliable internet connection is absolutely necessary to do business in this digital age. Your business requires an internet provider that offers 99.99% reliability, a redundant network and local customer care to facilitate effective business communication internally and externally.

Not only do businesses rely on internet services to supply secure lines of communication to perform business transactions, but they expect their internet to be fast and consistent for cloud-based computing and lightning fast data transfers.

Fiber internet, or fiber optic internet, is a type of digital technology that transmits data via glass fibers smaller than a human hair.

Unlike traditional cable internet that uses degradable copper wiring, fiber broadband uses long-lasting fiber optic cables.

No matter if you are operating a small business or a large enterprise, you need reliable internet to keep your employees working and your customers happy.

Fortunately, FastTrack Communications is a customer-oriented, dependable local internet and voice solutions provider serving Colorado and New Mexico that offers high-speed fiber optic internet.

FastTrack provides affordable fiber solutions for small businesses and speeds up to 10G+ and customizable plans for large enterprise solutions.

Not to mention, FastTrack offers multiple voice solution plans.

Want to utilize a traditional landline or TDM phone system? FastTrack has a competitive internet calling plan.

If you are considering upgrading your business’s current PBX system or TDM to the next level, FastTrack has an option to switch your phone system to an advanced, internet-based VoIP system.

Dive into the world of high-speed, fiber optic internet. Learn more about FastTrack Communications — the integrated, local, customer-oriented telecom provider.


What is Fiber Internet & How Does It work?

Fiber optic internet can broadcast data reliably at incredibly high speeds.

Traditionally, older internet technology such as cable or copper wire would be open to degradation with distance and the weather.

However, FastTrack’s fiber internet is different.

Fiber optic internet is less susceptible to electrical interference and inclement weather conditions. This is partially because fiber optics transmit data digitally by sending light through glass fibers.

Copper wires used for DSL and cable internet can degrade when exposed to the outside elements. Everything from lightning, heavy rain, to freezing conditions could potentially impact its performance and cause outages and slower speeds.

Unlike traditional copper wiring used for cable broadband, fiber internet is composed of glass fibers thinner than a human hair which doesn’t degrade with the elements.

Cable internet uses a coaxial cable with a copper center. Fiber broadband does not use an electric current and has a glass core to promote rapid internet connectivity.

Optical fibers are thin and bound together to form a fiber cable. Apart from the glass core, fiber optic cables consist of a thick cladding that wraps around the center. This cladding is usually made of plastic or a polymer such as Kevlar.

The optical fibers and cladding work together to create a reflection and refraction of light that powers the digital transmission of data. Light is transmitted in LED or pulses that move at very high speeds. These pulses carry the data and digital information that is accessed by businesses and users.

Fiber optic internet has the greatest bandwidth capacity and the fastest upload and download processing times.

In simple terms, the download speed shows you how quickly your internet service can receive or move information from remote servers onto your device, while the upload speed shows the speed of sending data.

High download speeds help with streaming, loading websites and receiving large files, while efficient upload speeds assist with video conferencing, using cloud-based applications and VoIP calls. Both of these are important components of quality internet service.

If you’re concerned with having a consistently high-performing internet connection for your business, then fiber optic internet service is for you.

Companies often conduct business that is data intensive. For instance, large files and large amounts of private information such as with banking or electronic health records need to be accessed frequently and securely.

Companies often conduct business that is data intensive. For instance, large files and large amounts of private information such as with banking or electronic health records need to be accessed frequently and securely.

A fiber optic connection is not only faster, but it can help data travel a greater distance securely. Switching to a local fiber internet provider will benefit your business because of the 99.99% reliability and one that provides local customer care.

To help answer the question, “Is fiber internet better?”, let’s discuss the various types of internet available today.

Dial-Up Internet and Cable Broadband

The main differences between cable broadband and fiber optic internet is the physical nature of how the information is transmitted.

Cable relies on copper wiring and electricity. Fiber internet uses light and glass fibers to send information quickly and reliably.

Dial-Up internet was among one of the first types of internet. Dial-up utilizes existing telephone lines and copper cables. A landline’s audible frequencies transmit across the wires, but because it is using the phone line you can hear the digital tones as it connects.

DSL Internet

DSL is also known as a digital subscriber line. Similar to dial-up, DSL utilizes phone lines to carry data. You won’t hear any audible noise with this type of provider because your phone and internet can be accessed at the same time.

However, since traditional wiring is used, internet speeds vary based on proximity. The farther away you are from a provider, the longer the data has to travel.

This explains why some rural areas have limited service when it comes to internet provider options. Nature and landscape are variables that could affect internet data transmission speeds. For example, mountainous or rocky terrain and vegetation could impede the amount of access to necessary telephone lines.

Fixed Wireless Broadband

Fixed wireless internet is wire-free. This type of internet utilizes a tower to transmit a carrier’s signal across frequencies. The upside here is that there are fewer materials needed to relay the signal and therefore there is a good number of fixed wireless towers that exist.

However, like DSL the landscape could affect your ability to receive a clear signal from a fixed wireless tower. If vegetation or buildings are obstructing the ability to receive the internet, you’re going to notice interference.

Additionally, speed for fixed wireless broadband is inversely proportional to the number of users. The higher the number of consumers accessing that particular internet provider at once will cause users to experience slow downs and intermittency.

Fiber Optic

The number one option for businesses due to quality, high-speed access

Reliable and secure

Consistent and clear connections from a robust network

Can transmit data across greater distances without weather interference

Examples of Approximate Fiber Internet Download Time Per File Size
Estimated File Size 1,000 Mbps Fiber Connection(Megabit per second)
4-minute song 4 MB 0.03 sec.
9-hour audiobook 110 MB 9 sec.
45-minute tv show 200 MB 15 sec.

As you can see by the chart above, the average user will notice significantly quicker download times.

The same is true for businesses that need to access and share even larger files. Fiber Internet can handle the load on a secure network.

Once you consider the amount of bandwidth your company needs, you’ll need to consider the number of employees, applications, and client information your business sends and receives to determine your bandwidth needs.

As you research your options for the best fiber internet providers for your business, look for a company that can handle the amount of bandwidth your business requires.

FastTrack Communications offers reliable, high-speed fiber optic internet service that can provide these requirements and more for your business. Request a quote now for a local, high-quality fiber internet providers in Durango Co or near you.


How to Choose the Best Fiber Internet Provider In Your Area

If you’re wondering, “How to find fiber internet near me,” look no further than FastTrack Communications.

As soon as you make the switch to fiber internet, your business will notice quicker and more reliable service offered by a fiber optic provider that delivers local customer care with speeds up to 10G and beyond. Customers can choose from many options that will suit their budget.

FastTrack Communications is the only fiber optic internet and voice solutions provider in the Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico area. FastTrack offers efficient, high-speed, fiber internet connections to local businesses and institutions.

FastTrack provides quality internet service to all - from small businesses to large institutions.

Types of Fiber Connections

  • Fiber to the premise, home, or business (FTTP/FTTH/FTTB) – This type of fiber connection uses direct fiber lines that provide a crisp connection straight to your business or residential area.
  • Fiber to the building (FTTB) – An option for fiber lines to be distributed throughout the building. Certain hotels, schools, and enterprises utilize FTTB.
  • Fiber to the neighborhood (FTTN) – This is the farthest from the premise because it services an entire area. Can supply the internet to numerous consumers at once.

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Benefits of Using Best Fiber Internet Services

When you research: the best optic fiber internet providers near me, consider the advantages of making the switch to FastTrack for your business.

A good fiber internet provider offers a range of subscription plans, bundled services, and high-quality internet access at different speeds.

Additionally, efficient communication with consumers will be maintained, and possibly fewer slowdowns during peak hours of the day.

Advantages of Using Fiber Internet Services

  • Symmetrical and asymmetrical options for download and upload times
  • Fewer slowdowns during peak hours
  • Reliable, not weather-dependent
  • High-speed internet access
  • Simple installation process
  • FastTrack provides bundled options for savings
  • FastTrack offers VoIP phone services and traditional TDM options
  • Clear fee structure and contract options
  • No oversubscription due to FastTrack’s 100G network backbone

Visit here to view the services and gain more knowledge on reliable fiber internet. You can also request service on our website:


FastTrack Communicatioins provides the most effective and robust internet solutions in Durango, CO and nearby areas. See our comprehensive internet bundle plans and learn how our services can help local businesses and communities with their internet.


Determine Which High Speed Fiber Optic Connection Is Right For Your Business

It pays to save with integrated fiber optic telecom products. Bundled services are a way to provide your business with an all-in-one internet and voice solution package. Not all internet providers offer bundled services. Some provide only internet services.

FastTrack Communications is much more than just a fiber internet provider as we offer voice solutions that include integrative voice features and high-speed fiber optic internet.

With voice solutions, your business has the option for hosted voice or upgrade your current PBX or TDM phone system to a VoIP system. A VoIP system offers many advanced communicative features.

Additionally, FastTrack has a variety of fiber optic internet solutions to suit your business’s needs. The perk of bundled services is the option to combine both internet and voice in one unifying plan.

Observe the comparison table below to view the different subscription plans of a high-speed fiber internet provider. FastTrack offers a range of choices.

Most Affordable Fiber Solution Business Solutions Enterprise Solutions Voice Solutions
10x10 Mbps at $49.95 a month 200/100 Mbps at $149.95 a month Fiber optic internet with data & voice. Data transport solutions. Full features and voice messaging
Add voice - $30/line/mo Add voice - $30/line/mo Fast, symmetrical and asymmetrical download/upload speeds Update PBX systems to fiber.
Fiber optic internet Free local calls Choose Between: 10 Mbps - $49.95/mo 25 Mbps - $112.50/mo 50 Mbps - $199.95/mo Customizable and scalable solutions available. Free local and domestic long-distance
Fast, symmetrical download/upload speeds Domestic long-distance Speeds up to 10GB+ International long distance plan available
Bundle pricing available Bundle pricing available Bundle pricing available VoIP or traditional TDM

How FastTrack Communications Fiber Optic Telecom Products Can Help Your Business and Community

FastTrack can help other providers with data transport services through the Colorado and New Mexico regions with Wavelengths, Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), Customizable Ethernet Private Lines, and SONET-based Services (DS1 toOCn). FastTrack is a reliable company for large internet providers, small businesses, and larger enterprises.

Multi-tenant buildings will also enjoy the unified, high-speed internet access FastTrack’s fiber optic service offers. FastTrack is a dependable internet provider that has been serving the region since 2002.

We can help your business through reliable customer support and high-speed internet access. Your business’ efficient communication with clients will be enhanced.

Fiber optic technology helps your business maintain consistency of communication with its clients, customers and employees. There is less of a possibility for oversubscription and weather-related connection issues when your business utilizes fiber internet.

FastTrack is a locally owned and operated company that cares about the communities it serves in Colorado and New Mexico. Community lifelines such as emergency services, hospitals and schools rely on FastTrack. Check our Google reviews to see what our customers say about our service: (add link to Google reviews here)

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