Bayfield schools and businesses benefit from high speed Internet connection



In the early 2000s, FastTrack constructed a fiber optic ring connecting all the schools within the Bayfield School District. However, the only way Bayfield schools could access the Internet was through four smaller T-1 circuits, which provided only six megabits per second of Internet service for the entire district.


FastTrack recently completed a fiber optic network build, bringing high speed connectivity and 100mb bandwidth that promise to benefit the entire community. Although the Bayfield School District was the first to enjoy the increased capacity, FastTrack’s fiber optic Internet opens tremendous opportunities for existing businesses and future economic development for the town, since nearly every business requires high speed Internet services. FastTrack can extend its fiber optic network to clusters of nearby businesses, providing them with enhanced bandwidth to transport increasingly larger files used by businesses, governments and individuals.


  • Direct fiber connection
  • Symmetrical high speed Internet bandwidth for schools and businesses
  • Opportunities for voice services and MPLS

“Our Internet bandwidth increased from 6mb to 100mb while decreasing costs by approximately $400 per month. We can easily and more affordably address future bandwidth needs. Our new capacity improves access across the entire district. This is important as we strive to deliver 21st century skills to our students here in Bayfield.”

– Director of Technology, Bayfield School District