FastTrack Communications Sponsored 4th of July 2021 Parade with its Community


FastTrack Communications Sponsored 4th of July 2021 Parade with its Community

There’s nothing more special than being able to celebrate the birth of our nation as a community. This past 4th of July FastTrack Communications made Bayfield, Colorado’s parade memorable with its community sponsorship.

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The Town of Bayfield’s 4th of July celebration was a special event for all. From veterans to kids, everyone was a part of this community-led event.

The day began with a Bayfield Lions Club pancake breakfast followed by a fun run.

Joe Stephenson Park was the location for all things food and fun. Sponsored by FastTrack Communications, the community gathered to enjoy food from various vendors as well as other activities for all ages.

The Independence Day Parade started at noon and included many who represented our community including Junior Miss Southern Ute wearing traditional clothing while riding in a brightly decorated green truck.

Additionally, vintage donkey-pulled carts, the Bayfield Belles, Tin Lizzies, and more made their way down the parade route to onlookers.

Kids of all ages were dressed in their finest patriotic clothing and waved American flags as the parade passed by.

FastTrack was honored to be a part of all of the 4th of July festivities. From the raising of the United States flag to the bugler’s tune of “To The Colors”, to the singing of the Star Spangled Banner, it was an awe-inspiring celebration.
FastTrack is proud to serve and be a part of the Bayfield community and looks forward to next year’s July 4th celebration.


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