FastTrack provides free connectivity to the Durango-La Plata Emergency Communications Center for emergency services



As the City of Durango and La Plata County have grown, so has the demand for highly reliable 800MHz radio services in support of firefighters, paramedics and law enforcement. To keep these essential personnel connected with dispatchers and to the statewide digital radio network, the City turned to FastTrack.


As a key partner in supporting the Durango community, FastTrack agreed to supply an Ethernet transport connection between Durango City Hall and the Public Safety Emergency Services Tower on Smelter Mountain. As a result, emergency services gained a faster, more reliable and redundant connection between the Communications Center and the State of Colorado’s 800MHz digital radio network. This network provides first responders with time-sensitive information like criminal histories, vehicle registrations and warrants from the Colorado Bureau of Investigations. This enhanced safety net benefits the entire community. FastTrack constructed the connection at no cost, an estimated $20,000 value. In addition, FastTrack provides free monthly Ethernet transport service.Highlights

  • Point-to-point Ethernet transport

“Thanks to FastTrack’s free enhanced connectivity, our community has faster, more reliable emergency communications radio service, benefiting the entire emergency services operation.”
– Information Systems Manager, City of Durango