How to Get Fiber Internet?


We all know fiber optic technology is elite among all the other internet options. Whether it’s network speed or stability, fiber optic internet offers top-notch performance in every aspect. Especially, if you’re running a business, the technology can add efficiency and reliability to your operations.

Hold on! Fiber internet may be the best and fastest connection but its availability is an exception, especially in rural regions like Durango, CO. So, you might seek an answer to the question, “how to get fiber internet?” You asked for it, we published a detailed guide to help you out!

From cost to benefits, this guide will teach you almost everything you need to know when wondering how to get fiber optic internet. Let’s start with the process of getting fiber internet for your business and exploring the options.

How to Get Fiber Optic Internet?

One of the first things people ask before switching their internet service provider is “how to get fiber internet”? That’s why the first step to getting fiber internet in your business is to consult a fiber optic internet provider. An internet provider may have created a complete fiber optic network across the region or only certain areas. From underground cables to aerial power poles, there are numerous methods used to deliver fiber internet.

Typically you won’t need to get fiber installed but if the infrastructure doesn’t reach your business this may be necessary. If you hire a professional fiber internet provider, the installation should include everything you need to get connected. The experts will also install an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) that enables internet in your business through the router.

For most situations you won’t need to get fiber installed and will simply get your business connected to the existing network. FastTrack Communications is the only fiber optic internet provider with an established network in Durango (Colorado), Farmington (New Mexico), and other cities in Colorado and New Mexico areas.

Whether you’re getting a new internet connection or replacing the existing one, you don’t need to handle everything on your own. If you’re looking to get fiber internet installed, you have come to the right place.

When working with an internet provider to get fiber internet installed, they will not only assist you prior the installation, but they will also guide you through the process, and you cna also reach out to them if you have any additional queries.

Buy a Fiber Optic Router

Sometimes, service providers don’t include the router in their installation. It’s a good idea to buy a fiber optic router over an ordinary one. That’s because normal routers don’t have ports for optical connectivity and may not serve the purpose.

IT staff of your business may assist you in choosing the appropriate router based on the internet needs. If you need further assistance, FastTrack can provide you with the necessary recommendations for fiber optic routers available in the market.


Select and Clear a Place for Installation

Before the arrival of the technician, you must have a clear and dedicated place for the installation in mind. Most businesses have a dedicated telecommunication room within the building that enables access to fiber from outside.

Choose a location where you can securely place the equipment and clear any clutter around the area. If you don’t own the building, contact the building management to get permission to bring the service into the building if it does not already exist.

Also, a telecommunications room can range from a small closet-sized space of around 10 square feet (1 square meter) to 10 square meters for larger setups. So, make sure you choose accordingly. Our professionals at FastTrack will help you pick the best location once they are on site.

Make Sure the Grounded Outlet is Accessible

In addition to indoor space, an internet provider may need to access your grounded outlet to connect their network cables to your router. Clear the area for convenient accessibility and faster installation.

Factors to Consider Before Installing Fiber Internet:

For those who wonder how to get fiber internet, there are some things to keep in mind before installing.

Fiber Optic Technology

Some service providers use hybrid models of fiber optic and DSL for cost savings. In this hybrid model, they may have a fiber optic network but with a DSL backbone. A DSL connection cannot provide the symmetrical internet speeds you expect with fiber optic technology.

Before selecting a service provider, make sure the provider has complete access to fiber internet technology. From servers to cables, all the equipment must incorporate fiber optic technology for the best results. When talking with a potential fiber provider, make sure to ask them if they are using a hybrid model.

Network Speed and Stability

You might know that fiber internet can offer symmetrical network speeds up to 10 Gbps. But it depends on your internet plan and service provider. Before the installation, ask for the average download and upload internet speed you will get instead of the maximum speed.

Also, consult about the stability of the internet in harsh weather and if multiple users are accessing the same line..
At FastTrack Communications, we always provide symmetrical connections with equal download and upload speeds and we guarantee the average speed will match the advertised maximum speed.

The Reputation of The Service Provider

Before installing the internet in your business, it’s a great idea to do some research on the company’s background. Some internet or wifi providers may have been involved in data breaches or related cybercrimes.

Check the company’s testimonials, google reviews, and more to ensure the data and internet security of your business.

Because FastTrack is a local provider created and headquartered in Durango, serving most small and medium businesses in the area, you can easily ask other local businesses about their experience with our internet service. You’ll be amazed at the glowing reviews and amazing customer service FastTrack has received!

Ask for a Service Request

User Agreement and Contract

Read before you sign! Service providers will usually ask you to sign some paperwork. The tricky part is the paperwork may include a contractof a specific period and cancellation fees.

Internet Plans and Services

Internet plans and services determine the network speed and benefits of your connection. Before you hire a service provider, explore their plans and services and ensure tit meets the requirements for your business.

For instance, businesses that choose a bundles plan with their desired internet network speed and VoIP phone service from FastTrack usually experience significant cost savings over their existing provider.

Installation Time and Charges

Last but not least, confirming the installation time and charges can help you schedule it to suit your business operation hours. The best bet here is to hire a locally-based service provider like FastTrack instead of a national or company not located in the Southern Colorado or Northern New Mexico region.
That’s because a company operating near you, with local roots, has access to all the resources right here. They also understand geographical concerns and can customize the services accordingly.

Cost of Fiber Optic Internet Installation

Now you know how to get fiber internet and the factors to consider before proceeding with the installation. The cost of installing fiber optic internet is important if your business will have to foot some of the bill! It’s one of the most important aspects to consider when enabling internet services.

The fiber internet cost depends on the service provider and the size of your business. A standard installation cost may start at $7,000 but can go anywhere up to $30,000. So, on average, a fiber internet installation in business may cost you around $8-$12 per foot.

If your business is located in the Colorado communities of Durango, Bayfield, Montrose, Cortez, Mancos, Dolores, Ignacio, Grand Junction or new Mexico communities ofFarmington, Aztec, Bloomfield and Albuquerque then you likely won’t have to pay for the installation since FastTrack Communication already has an extensive fiber optic network already installed. There could be last mile connection costs if your business is not located next to an existing fiber installation. FastTrack will always check to see if service already exists in your area and will provide an estimate if the building is located too far away from the fiber connection point.

If you do need to install fiber, then the cost depends on:

  • Distance from the fiber-lit
  • Location of your service provider
  • Conduit of your office building
  • Physical obstacles
  • Space available for Telco Closets
  • Power supply for fiber optic technology
  • Footprints or floor area of your building


Why is Fiber Internet The Best for Businesses and Communities?

In the above sections, you might have figured out the answer to, “How to Get Fiber Optic Internet in the Business?” However, businesses have more sophisticated internet needs when compared to households. Let’s see how fiber optic internet stands best on those!

High-speed Internet

The biggest advantage of fiber internet over other available types is its blazing-fast network speed. Thanks to utilizing the speed of light , fiber optic technology can deliver a network speed of up to 10Gbps+. That’s almost 100x faster than cable or coaxial internet!

Unlike copper connection, the network speed of fiber internet is symmetrical for both uploads and downloads. Unless your internet provider is limiting your connection, you can expect equally fast upload and download speeds. Whether you’re transporting data or conferencing online, fiber internet can deliver the expected productivity at every level.

Superior Cloud Access

Whether it’s CRM, cloud-based applications or data storage, more than 96% of modern businesses use cloud resources. Fast speeds are important because cloud storage requires devices to upload and download data on a frequent basis. This usage gets multiplied by the size of your workforce.

Fiber optic internet ensures efficient utilization of cloud tools with its high network speed and stability.
The technology transmits signals at the speed of light, offering low latency and the best bandwidth required for cloud utilization. If you also use SaaS applications like telemedicine, fiber optic internet is the most worthwhile solution for you.

Best-in-class Stability

Even a fast internet is worthless if it experiences disruptions constantly. Who hasn’t experienced an excruciating video conferencing call where a person’s audio and video feed keeps breaking?

Fortunately, fiber optic works with light signals and can offer up to 99.99% stablility. You can enjoy up to 10G+ internet every time regardless of the number of connected users.

Unlike cable internet, fiber optic technology doesn’t experience unexpected downtimes or slowdowns even at the peak time of the day.

Resistance to Electromagnetic Interference

It may surprise you that a nearby electromagnetic device can disconnect you from the internet. Especially if you’re using sensitive internet technology like copper cable, your connection may disappear due to interference.
On the other hand, fiber optic internet is protected against electromagnetic interference ensuring signal stability in your business.

Weatherproof Connection

From cable to FWI, almost every type of internet is vulnerable to weather and other geographical factors. Due to the Colorado or New Mexico weather, you need an internet that can stand strong in the four seasons.

Fiber optic internet is a perfect weatherproof solution to inclement weather conditions. Whether it’s snow or thunderstorms, your connection will work with up to 10Gbps internet speeds in your business.

Optimal Utilization of IoTs

The Internet of Things (IoT) is generally a part of modern business operations. While running your business, you may use robotics or AI resources. Let’s keep it simple! You can take Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) as a perfect example.
With up to 10G+ internet, you can efficiently use fiber VoIP to its true potential. It will unlock features like HD calling, call management, and caller ID customizations.

Reliable Security

While answering how to get fiber internet, we have addressed the concern of security. Outdated technology can lead to insecurity. For instance, copper cables transmit RF signals susceptible to data breaches.

Fiber optic technology becomes almost impossible to hack with its blazing-fast light signals. When used with the latest security standards, it can ensure reliable internet security in the business.

Best Value for Money

Fiber internet plans are costlier than copper and fixed wireless internet ones. But it is worth the additional cost! That’s because fiber internet saves you from downtimes and provides a better customer experience..

Also, the speed and stability it offers for its price are far better than that of other types of internet options. That’s why we consider fiber optic internet as the most worthwhile internet solution offering the best value for money.

Where to Get Reliable Fiber Optic Internet?

After knowing how to get fiber optic internet, you may look for a reliable internet provider near you. Your search for high-speed fiber internet in Durango, Colorado and Farmington, New Mexico ends at FastTrack Communications!
We are a locally owned and managed fiber optic-based internet provider in Durango, CO and offering services in Farmington, NMas a regional fiber company. As we operate near your business, we understand geographical concerns and offer custom fiber internet solutions accordingly.


Similarly, FastTrack is the leading fiber optic internet provider known for:

450+ Miles of Fiber Network

FastTrack owns and operates a dedicated fiber optic network of over 450 miles in the region. In partnering with other fiber internet companies it has created a redundant ring that extends from Durango to Albuquerque, NM and back up to Denver, CO. Instead of having a hybrid model, we have invested in true fiber optic technology for the expected results. This network powers our 100G fiber backbone and enables us to deliver up to 10G+ internet.
In addition to fast speeds, our fiber network ensures up to 99.99% uptime regardless of the weather conditions and the number of connected users.

Enterprise Level Services

With our 100G fiber backbone, we can offer enterprise-level internet services at an affordable price. Our services include up to 10G+ fiber internet, HD VoIP, and data transportation. No matter whichever you choose, all the services are customizable and scalable to your business needs.

Want a bundled solution? FastTrack can offer a complete internet solution and voice package with the desired services on one bill.

Expert Networking Solutions

In addition to internet services, FastTrack also provides businesses with high-quality networking solutions. We build networking solutions such as wavelengths, Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), Ethernet Private Line (EPL), and Sonet-based services.
These sophisticated networking solutions make your network secure, efficient, and scalable without compromising the transfer speed.

24/7 Technical Support

Despite being so efficient, fiber optic technology is still a blend of electronic resources. It could be anything from a router to cables facing technical problems. Our experienced team stays available 24/7 to resolve technical concerns and get you back to business.
Additionally, FastTrack Communications also provides reliable customer service support for 8-5 pm MDT to keep in touch with you.

Affordable Prices

Installing world-class fiber optic internet in your business doesn’t need to break the budget. Our internet and voice solutions are affordable. Whether you’re an SME or a large enterprise, you will find an internet solution that fits your budget.
For instance, our 10 x 10 Mbps internet connection with one voice line is priced at just $44.00 per month.

Sound good? Let’s discuss and customize an internet plan for your business. Fill in this service request form to get a call back.


Consulting a reliable service provider is the key to getting fiber optic internet for your business. The above guide answers questions like, “how to get fiber internet?” or “how to get high-speed internet in rural areas?”

Regardless of the type of your business or industry, FastTrack can provide customized fiber internet solutions. Because we are a locally-based provider, our services take into account local geographical concerns and community guidelines.

If you want to know more about our services or how to get fiber optic internet, our experts can help you. Contact us today at 877-755-0558 to consult an expert!

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