Maximizing Your Internet Experience: A Step-by-Step Guide to Switching Providers

how to switch internet provider

Switching internet providers for a business is a big decision and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. However, if you’re experiencing issues with your current ISP (internet service provider), there are steps you can take to ensure a seamless transition.

As we discuss how to switch internet provider for your business, think about your company’s needs and which processes rely on the internet. How is your current ISP hindering your business and its processes? In what ways could your current ISP be faster to make your operations more efficient? Once you’ve determined the areas in which your current internet fails to perform then begin researching area providers.

As the only local fiber optic-based provider supporting the Colorado communities of Durango, Bayfield, Montrose, Cortez, Mancos, Dolores, Ignacio, Grand Junction, and the New Mexico communities of Farmington, Aztec, Bloomfield, and Albuquerque, you’ll want to explore our high-speed fiber optic service plans.

To aid you in this process we have created a step-by-step guide for easily switching internet providers. This detailed guide will share expert tips that you can utilize throughout the entire process. From canceling internet service to initiating a new one.

First, let’s discuss some of the various reasons to switch internet providers.

Reasons to Dump Your ISP (Internet Service Provider)

If you’re still hesitant about how to switch internet provider, here are some of the reasons why you should dump your internet service provider.

Changes in The Business Location

One of the most common reasons businesses leave their existing ISP is that there has been a change in the office location.

Moving a business across the country or internationally could require a new ISP. If your current internet provider is available in the new location, you may choose to stay with that particular provider.

However, if you’ve been unhappy with your current ISP, relocation is as good a time as any to explore your options.
Many businesses in Durango, Bayfield, and Farmington NM switch to FastTrack Communications as they prefer working with a local provider in addition to needing the high speed and reliability that only fiber optic internet offers.

Speed Boost

Another reason to switch internet providers could be that you’re looking for an upgrade in internet speed. Some businesses are under the impression that it may be cost-prohibitive to switch from cable or DSL. However, it’s counter-productive to try and do business at 200Mbps (the maximum for cable and DSL) when you have several employees or customers sharing the connection.

Fortunately, fiber optic technology is more affordable than ever and can deliver up to 10 Gbps network speed with 99.99% reliability.

Poor Customer Service

No doubt, internet speed, and reliability are important. But an internet setup includes several devices that may malfunction or fail to deliver the expected performance. If your existing ISP does not offer reliable customer service and technical support, you must change your provider.

Several customer-centric ISPs, like FastTrack Communications, offer 24/7 technical support to prevent downtime in your business. Switching internet providers can help you get rid of poor customer service and ensure consistency in your processes.

Connection Quality

In some cases, switching internet service providers means switching the type of internet connection. Suppose you’re using a DSL connection for internet access in your business. You can upgrade to the advanced fiber optic internet which offers the best connection regardless of weather, distance, or number of users.
Even if you’re switching from cable or satellite connection, fiber optic internet is still the best option for you.
You may refer to our detailed guide on internet connection types for a better understanding of reliability and connection quality.

Web Security

An ISP must follow the latest security standards to protect your business's data from cybercriminals. However, hackers can hack DSL and cable connections as they are connected with telephone wires.

Changing your service provider may unlock a more secure internet option such as fiber optic internet which makes hacking extremely difficult due to the high speed at which the information is transmitted. As fiber optic signals travel at the speed of light, they are almost impossible to be hacked by cybercriminals.

Monetary Benefits

In addition to web security, you can grab a worthwhile deal while switching internet providers. FastTrack Communications customers have saved thousands when switching from other carriers. Not only is the cost less but businesses are getting a lightspeed connection as compared to the slower connection of cable, DSL, or fixed wireless carriers. See what our customers have to say about our top-notch services:

What Should You Consider When Switching Internet Providers?

There are many questions when considering how to switch internet provider. However, these are one of the main things to keep in mind before switching ISP.

Internet Needs

Before you change the internet provider, you must determine the internet needs of your business. A business engaged in content creation and data transportation may require high-speed internet. However, a moderate 100 Mbps internet is enough for normal business processes and productivity tasks.

Understanding your internet needs will also help you save money after the switch.

Type of Internet

In addition to network speed, the type of internet matters when switching internet providers. Businesses in New Mexico and Colorado have internet options, including cable, DSL, satellite, and fiber optic internet.

Being the most advanced technology, fiber optic internet offers up to 100x faster speed than DSL and cable internet. It stays consistent and can offer up to 99.99% uptime regardless of the weather conditions. So, if you’re changing your ISP, consider a fiber optic internet provider like FastTrack for the best results.

Terms and Conditions

Nowadays, service providers are getting tricky with their terms and conditions and user agreement. The agreement may have hidden costs, cancellation charges, and data collection.

Therefore, we recommend reading the user agreement properly before you switch your existing service provider.
At FastTrack Communications our contracts are fair, clear, and simple. We retain our customers by delivering amazing customer service and quality. We also provide Service Level Agreements which define the service provided to the customer and the quality parameters such as delivered speed.


Innovative technologies are in every industry. The Internet and communication industries are no exception! Instead of DSL or cable internet, you can switch to a fiber optic connection and enjoy up to 10G+ internet.

Fiber optic internet can efficiently and reliably run cloud-based applications and provide the secure connections needed for the banking and financial industries, telemedicine, data transportation, and voice solutions. If you’re planning a switch, you must contact a service provider with a large and redundant fiber optic network in the region.

Value for Money

Sometimes, service providers overcharge customers because of several factors. For example, you can evaluate internet technology and the location of the ISP. An ISP located in a different region may charge a higher cost when compared to local service providers.

You can get the best value for money by choosing a fiber optic internet provider based in Colorado or New Mexico.

If you’re looking for a local service provider with a fiber optic backbone, FastTrack is a great option. FastTrack Communications is the only regionally operated fiber optic internet provider with over 420 miles of fiber network.

Whether you have an IT or healthcare company or are a small local business, we can help your business switch to high-speed internet. Fill out our service request form and get a quote for your business today!

Step-by-Step Process in Switching Internet Providers

How to switch internet provider?

Although every service provider has its procedure to cancel service, these steps will give an idea of the process. Here’s the most valuable part of the article, featuring our detailed step-by-step process to switch internet providers.

Step 1: Read the Terms and Conditions

As discussed above, the terms and conditions of ISPs may be tricky and involve undisclosed or difficult-to-understand terms. The most common is the Early Termination Fee (ETF) that providers use to lock their customers in a multi-year agreement.

If you have an ETF exemption in the agreement, you need to pay the set amount to the provider. The good news here is the ETF keeps decreasing as time passes. Additionally, you should also look for concerns such as notice period, penalties, and return of equipment.

Step 2: Ask the Service Provider to Cancel

Before initiating the cancellation process with your current service provider, it is advisable to secure a new connection or find a new service provider to avoid losing internet access.

Although canceling your service online may be an easy task, having the assistance of an expert can be beneficial. Therefore, we recommend contacting the customer service department of your internet provider to request cancellation.

The customer service representatives may offer new deals, faster speeds, and discounts in an attempt to retain you as a customer. While negotiating for a better price is an option, if you are dissatisfied with the current service, it is best to remain firm and proceed with the cancellation process.

Step 3: Compare and Choose a New Service Provider

A fiber optic internet provider is often the best choice for a business switching internet providers. Contact multiple ISPs and get quotations for your business.

Now, compare the price, technology, internet speeds, customer service, and features they offer. Get a date of installation, which is before the cancellation date, along with the time and process of installation.

Step 4: Wait for The New Installation

All right! You have booked an installation and are looking forward to the new internet connection. But it doesn’t mean you should return existing equipment to your current service provider.

We recommend you overlap the service and don’t turn off the existing device unless the new installation is working. It will prevent your business from not having access to the internet while switching service providers.

Step 5: Test Your New Connection

Now, you have the desired connection installed in the business. It’s time to check the connection and ensure whether it’s working properly or not. Use an online speed test to check the network speed, ping, jitter, and latency for both downloads and uploads.

At FastTrack’s website, you can get access to a reliable speed test web app for detailed analysis. Additionally, run a few of your day-to-day Internet tasks, upload/download large files and use your IoT (Internet of Things) devices.

Step 6: Return Your Existing Equipment

After the test, you are good to go with your internet connection from the new service provider. Reset your old devices and make sure they don’t include any passwords or confidential data of your business.

Contact the old service provider and get confirmation about the return to avoid any additional fees for the equipment.

Internet Providers Comparison in Colorado

After reading the above steps, you might get an idea about how to switch internet providers. You may have noticed how choosing a new internet provider takes proper research. Therefore, we make it quick for you with a straightforward comparison table of the top 6 internet providers in Durango, Colorado. This data was taken from each of the provider’s websites in March 2023 and may no longer be current at the time of reading this article.


ProvidersTechnology Internet Speed Price Connection Features

Xfinity utilizes cable wires to transmit the internet to your business.


$29.99 per month

  • Secured xFi Gateway
  • Connect up to 11 devices at once
  • Quick customizations with the Xfinity app
  • 24/7 real-time support


CenturyLink uses a hybrid model with DSL and fiber optic technology. So, it gives you a choice between both types of internet connections.


$30.00 per month

  • Wireless speeds of up to 940Mbps
  • Reliable Dual Wi-Fi
  • 24/7 technical support


Like Xfinity, Spectrum is also a cable internet provider that uses cable TV networks for internet transmission.


$64.00 per month

  • No contracts and hidden, added voice taxes, hidden fees, or equipment fees
  • Free modem
  • Free desktop security, email, and domain name
  • 24/7 business support


This company is an internet provider that uses fiber optic

30Mbps- 1Gbps

$39.00 per month

  • Affordable plans for business
  • Only uses fiber to provide internet

HughesNet, as a satellite provider, provides service almost everywhere. Although the HughesNet service region mostly covers the United States mainland, it also encompasses Alaska, Puerto Rico, Brazil, India, and parts of Europe.


$49.99 per month

  • HughesNet offers two ways to use and get more data: bonus data and data tokens.
  • HughesNet also offers a “Bonus Zone” from 2:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m., where data cap restrictions are lifted.
  • Business-class technical support

FastTrack Communications

FastTrack Communications offers up to 10G+ internet based on fiber optic technology. With over 420 miles of fiber network, FastTrack can meet the internet needs of businesses in Colorado and New Mexico.

Up to 10Gbps

10 x 10 Mbps internet connection starting at $44.00 per month

  • Up to 10G+ fiber optic internet
  • 100G fiber optic backbone
  • Customizable bundle plans for businesses
  • Disruption-free installation
  • Up to 99.99% reliability
  • HD VoIP solutions based on fiber optic technology
  • 24/7 technical support


How to Switch Internet Providers with the Help of FastTrack Communications?

The above table explains different internet providers and what they can offer after a switch. No doubt, FastTrack Communications stands out in every aspect, whether it’s internet speed or technical support. Let’s see why to switch internet provider with FastTrack!

Fiber Optic Internet

Most internet providers rely on outdated technology, such as cable and DSL. However, FastTrack Communications utilizes its fiber optic network to transmit the internet to your business. If you’re looking to change internet provider, we can help you with a faster and more reliable replacement.
Thanks to our 100G fiber backbone, you can switch to a high-speed fiber optic internet with up to 99.99% reliability.

Streamlined Experience with IoTs and Cloud-based Applications

Cloud-based applications and IoTs (Internet of Things) are the best utilization of high-speed internet for a business. With up to 10G+ internet, you can smoothly run cloud applications like telemedicine and more. It features the lowest latency and ensures efficient data transportation between the departments.

In addition to this, our fiber optic internet unlocks voice services. Consider FastTrack’s VoIP system with HD calling and call management features.

Customized Services

From cafes to IT companies, every business has different internet needs and requires packages accordingly. That’s why FastTrack Communications allow you to customize your internet plans for a worthwhile switch.

Also, you can buy bundled plans which include up to 10G+ fiber optic internet and VoIP at an affordable price.

Local Service Provider

Another benefit of working with FastTrack Communications is that we are a local service provider based in Durango, CO. We own and operate our fiber optic network near your business and understand the local business environment and requirements.

Therefore, our experts replace and quickly install a complete fiber optic setup without disturbing your day-to-day operations. Even if you already have a Cisco handset for your voice services, we can convert it into fiber VoIP and help you save money during the switch.

24/7 Technical Support

We are confident that our fiber optic internet delivers up to 99.99% uptime. And if you have a technical problem, we have your back with our 24/7 technical support and dedicated tech team to help you out.
Additionally, FastTrack Communications also has a customer service team available 8-5 pm MDT to answer your queries.


Switch Your Internet Provide for Good!

Now that you know how to switch internet provider, there’s no reason to keep running your business with old-school technology such as cable internet when you can switch to fiber optic technology. FastTrack Communications can help you switch your existing internet provider with an efficient fiber network.

Being a local internet provider in Durango, FastTrack understands the local business needs in the region. That’s why we offer a highly reliable and secure internet connection with up to 99.99% stability regardless of weather or number of users.

Our large fiber network operates in Colorado and New Mexico. So, if you're looking for Farmington, NM, internet providers, FastTrack Communications can be a perfect place to end your research.

Our 10 x 10 Mbps fiber optic internet plan starts at just $44.00 per month! Call us today at 877-755-0558 to consult an expert and get a quote for switching internet providers.