La Plata County government saves thousands with FastTrack



The Great Recession had a profound affect on the way La Plata County civil servants approached their responsibility to citizens. The municipality aggressively searched out avenues to cut costs while delivering the same level of service. Technology was one area where officials could simultaneously tighten budgets and expand functionality.


With the help ofFastTrackCommunications’ existing direct fiber connection, La Plata County government omitted half of its analog phone lines and ported the remaining ones toFastTrackdigital PRI service. The combined savings on connectivity and long distance amounted to $45,000 annually.


  • PRI voice and long distance service
  • Internet access
  • Data transport services

“We estimate saving $45,000 annually with our FastTrack phone service. Everything went amazingly smoothly, and we appreciate all of your help and guidance.”

– Finance Director, La Plata County