Local real estate powerhouse takes a giant leap forward.



Headquartered in downtown Durango, Coldwell Banker Heritage House Realtors, one of Southwest Colorado’s largest real estate brokers, nursed its 1980 vintage PBX phone system until the server failed. The company’s trusted Internet solutions provider – FastTrack – was in a great position to quickly help the 56-agent office upgrade its voice and Internet communications.


Coldwell Banker purchased new Cisco handsets from FastTrack while adding 59 hosted voice lines. Owner Gina Piccoli confirmed the seamless transition to the new system, which occurred literally overnight. FastTrack hosted voice keeps a directory archive and enables call forwarding, both convenient options that the previous system didn’t offer.

At the same time, Coldwell Banker upgraded to 75 megabytes of FastTrack premium business grade Internet service. This symmetrical fiber connection assures that heavy Internet traffic will not slow the company’s operations. Coldwell Banker is highly satisfied with the price, the fast turnaround and good service.


  • 59 VoIP hosted voice lines with Cisco handsets
  • Upgraded to 75 MB of high-speed business-grade, symmetrical Internet service

“Moving to a hosted voice solution was a seamless transition that literally happened overnight.”

– Gina Piccoli, Owner, Coldwell Banker