Mancos School District opts for FastTrack speed and convenience



Mancos School District’s six-building campus decided to upgrade its phone system after being unable to find a reliable resource to service its aging PBX phone system. In addition, the district’s DSL Internet connection was slowed by network traffic, making communication among staff, teachers, parents and students increasingly difficult.


The school district upgraded to an 80-line FastTrack hosted voice solution that included convenient new features, such as call forwarding that automatically routes calls to employees’ home or cell numbers. The service is linked to the six-building campus bell system, so that desktop phones automatically signal the start and stop of class periods. In case of an emergency, any employee can direct the system to broadcast a warning over all phones and campus intercoms.

The district also adopted FastTrack’s premium business-grade Internet service. Its previous DSL service operated over copper lines where speed fluctuated greatly based on the volume of Internet traffic.

With FastTrack’s synchronous service, speeds have been fast and reliable. Fifty megs up and fifty megs down, no matter the time of day.

“FastTrack surpassed expectations for service and technical support. They took care of all the details. We’ve been totally happy with the process and the results.”

– Keith Husky, Director of Technology, Mancos School District